Memento Mori is Michaël’s debut feature film about a girl who’s stuck in a dream circle, reliving key moments of a traumatic event. What happened to her? And will she survive this nightmare before time runs out?

Genre: psychological horror
Runtime: 72 min.

07/04/2018: Memento Mori will have its world premiere at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFFF)

24/07/2018: official selection FULL MOON Horror & Fantasy Film Festival (Romania)

18/02/2019: official selection OBSCURA Film Fest (Germany)

08/04/2019: official selection East Northeast International Film Festival (USA)

A social media series about the powers and abilities of the new rollercoaster 'Fury' in theme park 'Bobbejaanland'. Tine, Ryan and Mouna are testing an unique function of the triple launch coaster in each episode. You can find all episodes on Bobbejaanland - Land of Legends

Client: Bobbejaanland
Agency: Cacti For Breakfast
Production company:

An employer brand movie made for the medical software company MIPS, in their mission to hire talented developers to make incredible, life-saving medical software.

Client: MIPS
Production company: VIP Factory

Directed Iwein Segers for the new campaign from

Client: Vlaanderen Departement Cultuur, Jeugd & Media
Production company:

For the 2018 campaign of the paint store Colora, we made 2 different videos with each a version for Youtube (16:9), Facebook (1:1) and Instagram purposes.

Client: Colora
Production company:

A commercial made for the "Christelijke Mutualiteit" with a clear message that you can't believe everything you read on the internet about medical issues. False information can seriously hurt you! Be smart, contact a local doctor when you've got questions.

Client: CM
Production company: Red Pepper Media

A commercial for promoting an exclusive masquerade ball.

Client: Rotary Club

A short film/documentary about diabetes Type 1 ex-professional cyclist and good friend Kevin De Mesmaeker, who unfortunately had to quit due to medical reasons. Fight for your dreams is a message to support all the people who don't stop fighting in life and keep exercising their passion!

To fill up the emptiness in her life, Fien makes some extreme decisions to make sure she’s never alone again.

24/10/2014: 'Leegte' has his first selection at the Internationaal Short Film Festival Leuven, national competition 2014.

12/02/2015: short film 'Leegte' will be screened at the Ciné Privé film festival.

14/03/2015: 'Leegte' will be screened at the Flanders Week in Gdansk (Poland).

25/01/2016: 'Leegte' has been selected for the Audience Award at 'Short of the Year Film Festival' (Spain)

A horror/comedy short film about a young couple who gets disturbed after a romantic dinner.

02/09/2015: The Disturber first selection: Virginia Independent Horror Film Festival. (USA)

15/09/2015: The Disturber has been selected for the Wiper Film Festival. (USA)

17/10/2015: The Disturber selected and will be screened on Halloween at the Fake Flesh Film Fest! (Canada)

22/12/2015: The Disturber has been selected for the Tally Shorts Film Festival. (USA)
The short film will open the film festival on the ‘opening night’ on the 19th of february 2015.

30/01/2016: The Disturber will be screened at the Euregional Youth Film Festival and the Short Film Evening in Lede. (Belgium)

12/02/2016: The Disturber will be the ‘opening film’ at the Popcorn Fright Nights special anniversary screening of Wes Craven’s SCREAM in Miami. (USA) A great honour!

17/02/2016: The Disturber has been selected for the Drunken Zombie Film Festival (USA) and the Ciné Privé Film Festival in Ghent. (Belgium)

07/04/2016: The Disturber has been selected for the International Vampire Film & Arts Festival in Transylvania. (Romania) Thank you Dracula!

31/05/2016: Our first award! The Disturber wins a Golden Stake Award at the International Vampire Film & Arts Festival.

And a couple of screenings in various theaters around Belgium.